Pembroke Bathrooms

Hallway Design and Refurbish in Pembroke Dock

Project Details

Location: Pembroke Dock
Property: First floor flat
Project: Design and refurbish hallway
Duration: 8 days


Hallway was very dark and an unwelcoming entrance to the property
The length and lack of width made the hallway seem very long
Hallway in general need to decoration
Loft hatch in poor state and needing reconstruction


Flat matt white paint on ceilings and wall to minimise reflective visual barriers which tend to give depth references.
Lay the American Pecan flooring boards width wise, to shorten the hallway and decrease the length.
Break up the tunnel effect by 'breaking' the joint between the bottom right hand wall and the floor, thus creating a 'floating' bedroom.
Utilise colour changing LEDs that can reflect mood.
Use ceramic wall mounted uplighters to wash light up the walls.


Before picture


Uplighters Hallway green lights
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