Pembroke Bathrooms

Bath Installation Project in Tenby

Project Details

Location: Tenby
Property: Large sea front 4 story property
Project: Design and build a dual level platform in a master bedroom that has sea views. The platform would be our own design and would furnish a copper free standing bath and Edwardian wash basin. The bath would have floor mounted knickel filler tap.
Duration: 30 days


The room being a bedroom had no water feeds nor waste water oulets. Water and waste would route through walls and floors from sources outside of the room.


The design was based upon a nautical theme and should have flowing elements. A design of two interleaved radiuses was agreed upon, as was our suggestion of teak Riva decking the whole platform. Curved margin boards and 5mm caulk lines would resemble that of a boat.

Colours and materials

45mm wide solid teak boards with 5mm rebate
75mm wide margin boards
120mm x 1.5mm teak venneer

Project Pictures

Platform build Construction
finishing pre basin install
light effect Project completed
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